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What is jelly art?

Food & Art
Dream . Create . Inspire 

3D Jelly Art is a beautiful craft that mixes the mediums of sculpture and painting with culinary arts. Taking a different perspective to the relationship between food and art, T.U.B's 3d Jelly Art uses a plant-based jelly as the main ingredient that we match with other ingredients and complementary flavours (culinary) to create yummy desserts that embody fine piping and carving techniques and the ability to envision an idea in 3D (sculpting) together with a harmonious mix of colours (painting) to form our creations.

When one first lays their eyes on a 3D Jelly cake, they can hardly believe that not only is it made of just jelly but that its 100% percent edible! The best part is that anyone can eat it because it's also vegan (unless you choose to add dairy ingredients). 

With our tried and tested techniques and guidance, we are sure anyone can do it! We have witnessed over a hundred of joyful faces in disbelief from the beauty of their own creations, even on the very first try! This feeling is priceless for us, our customers, and students alike. 

They say a picture paints a thousand words.

Check out our gallery, get inspired, and see just what you can do with the humble jelly and some imagination!


Our Jelly Journey

Who We Are

A bunch of foodies &
artsy gal pals who love life!

This is a story of 3 girlfriends who discovered that their passion for the arts, design, and food flourished when they started doing jelly art. Beyond that, we love the joy that it brought to others as well. The delight we would see on our customers and students' faces when they received or made their own creations is priceless.


As empowered women, we dream of a utopia where we can bring other women (and men) together into the fold of jelly art-making to know that they too can create beauty, let their imaginations run free, and spread joy - starting from within! 

Meet The Team

Dawn - Lasalle Profile (use).JPG


Jazz songstress, travel bug and dreamer. Dawn wakes up to the mantra that every day is a new day to make dreams come true. 



Craft connoisseur and beauty guru. Lily believes all good things are meant to be shared. 



Design wizard, curious cat, and animal lover. Ela embraces life with an infectious sense of joy. 

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